Jamie & Sophia's Wedding

Tracey worked closely with us to develop vows that really captured our personalities and our vision for our marriage. She led the ceremony in a light-hearted and entertaining way while not taking away from the seriousness of the occasion. She also helped to keep our nerves in check! Tracey did a fabulous job as our celebrant and we highly recommend using her for your special day.

- Jamie & Sophia Farrington


Barrie Love's Funeral

Tracey guided us through a moving tribute filled with love, warmth, and gentle humour that painted Barrie’s life as a father, friend, husband, committed police officer and community volunteer. Tracey warmly and fondly shared stories with us and encouraged us to do the same.  Each story, song, poem, and reading was special to Barrie. It felt natural for us to laugh, cry, and share stories about Barrie, to remember and celebrate his life, his friendships and achievements and to say goodbye.

I felt privileged, humbled and grateful for Tracey’s strength and leadership in honouring her father and for the wonderful service and tribute she created for Barrie.

- Sally Young

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