Weddings & Unions

Marriage is not a noun, it is a verb
It isn’t something you get
It is something you do
It’s the way you love your partner every day

A Wedding, Civil Union or Renewing of Vows is an incredibly special day in one’s life. As your celebrant I will be honoured to get to know you and create a day that is personal to you, to give you professional assistance within a friendly, fun and calm environment. There is no one else like you as a couple and it is important to reflect this in your special day.

Funerals & Celebrations

Though someone is no longer a visible part of life, they will always remain a member of their family and circle, for life’s significance lies in the experiences achieved in that span of time – a life’s permanence lies in the memories of those who knew them, their love and laughter and the influence they have left behind will last longer than the sadness caused by their departure.

I endeavour to create a ceremony that is personal, professional and respectful. To support the family with their wishes and attain a day of remembrance filled with love and grace.


Next Steps...

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